The National Housing Conference aims to ensure safe, decent, and affordable housing for all in America by pursuing these policy priorities:

Advance Federal Housing Policies to Assist Low- and Moderate-Income Families 

Affordable Housing
  1. Support and strengthen federal low-income housing programs and funding through budgetary, regulatory, and legislative processes to assist renters and homeowners, with a particular focus on the needs of vulnerable populations, including veterans, the homeless, and many others
  2. Improve life outcomes for families and individuals by linking housing to health, education, workforce  programs, and other services for those in need
  3. Strengthen the capacity of states and localities to develop comprehensive and effective housing strategies
  4. Advance innovative housing strategies, such as preservation of affordable rental housing, shared equity homeownership, and efficient financing for small rental properties

Strengthen the Nation’s Housing Finance System

  1. Reform America’s mortgage finance system to use a limited and explicit government role to ensure reliable access to long-term fixed-rate mortgages, finance for multifamily housing nationwide, and support for affordable housing
  2. Strengthen FHA’s capacity and flexibility to meet the nation’s housing financing needs
  3. Ensure well-functioning markets for Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, mortgage revenue bonds, and multifamily housing bonds

Encourage Foreclosure Recovery and Neighborhood Stabilization

Foreclosure Picture
  1. Expand and sustain proven programs to prevent foreclosures, minimize household disruption, create pathways back to homeownership, and avoid blight
  2. Create new tools to assist underserved communities affected by disinvestment, vacancies, and blight

Advocate for Federal Resources for Housing during Tax and Budgetary Reforms

  1. Ensure that decisions about broad federal tax policy take into account the full impact on housing, including the people and communities it serves 
  2. Highlight the essential federal role in housing assistance and encourage policymakers to protect essential affordable housing programs 

Improve the Coordination of Housing, Transportation, and Energy Policy

  1. Create incentives for states and localities to preserve and expand the availability of housing that is affordable over the long term to low- and moderate-income families near public transit and job and retail centers
  2. Create incentives for individuals and multifamily property owners to improve the energy-efficiency of existing and new residential dwellings


**Current as of January 1, 2014. Please note that the above NHC policy and advocacy priorities are not ranked.**

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