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NHC Policy Director

Position Summary

  • NHC’s Policy Director plays a leading role in Washington, D.C., on housing issues on behalf of our nearly 275 members, representing NHC in a wide range of housing forums, working with housing leaders from across the country, and managing relationships with policymakers from across the political spectrum. The policy director also works closely with the NHC Board of Governors’ Policy Committee and leads NHC’s policy development working groups, including those on CRA modernization, housing finance reform and Black homeownership. The policy director also leads NHC’s effort to write and enact a National Housing Act for the 21st
  • NHC seeks a leader who can help its members engage with policy issues and build connections across sectors and areas of work such as transportation, employment, the environment, education and public health.
  • Reports directly to NHC’s president and CEO and is a member of the senior management team.
  • Supervises NHC’s policy associate(s) and interns.


  1. Work with NHC Policy Committee members and staff to identify and articulate NHC’s policy priorities and legislative agenda that will support the development and preservation of affordable housing nationwide.
  2. Represent NHC on public policy issues related to affordable housing and coordinate the deployment of the intellectual resources of NHC to advance key NHC policy priorities. Develop relationships with members of Congress and their staff, heads of federal agencies and their staff, and coalition partners.
  3. Advocate for NHC’s policy priorities at the national level through the development of policy briefs, testimony for hearings, outreach to and involvement of NHC members, and direct advocacy to Congress and the administration.
  4. Convene NHC members and national partners, through NHC taskforces and working groups, to coordinate activities and build consensus on key issues and tap their expertise to inform NHC policy development. The director also will represent NHC on broader coalitions and taskforces.
  5. Review and track proposed legislation that intersects with NHC’s policy priorities.
  6. Work collaboratively with NHC members and staff focused on state and local housing issues to determine how national housing policy could better support effective state and local housing strategies.
  7. Oversee the production of NHC’s weekly Member Brief newsletter on key housing policy developments in Washington.
  8. Work collaboratively with NHC’s Communications Department to articulate policy priorities to NHC members and stakeholders through press releases, publications and social media.
  9. Host policy forums and events on behalf of NHC and in conjunction with partner organizations.
  10. Supervise NHC’s policy associate(s) and provide support to other NHC staff, as well as the president and CEO, as needed.
  11. Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Post-graduate degree preferred
  • Five or more years of experience in the affordable housing field, particularly experience related to the federal role in financing multifamily and affordable housing
  • Experience writing and analyzing legislation
  • Excellent writing, analytical, and oral presentation skills
  • Ability to work well with a broad range of people and in a team environment
  • Experience working on deadlines and managing multiple projects simultaneously
  • Sense of humor and creative spirit

Submit cover letter and resume to Amanda Mitchell, vice president of operations, at

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