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An Expression of Thanks from an Amateur Blogger

As the policy associate for the National Housing Conference (NHC), I have spent the past year reaching out to housing advocates to share their expertise for guest entries on NHC’s “Open House” Blog.

Through countless emails and phone calls, I accessed federal, state and local organizations that share a common quest in providing affordable housing to communities in need. In doing so, I witnessed the evolution of a blog that contributes to an ongoing dialogue about housing and community development policy and allows advocates to share knowledge and expertise with a larger audience.

Moreover, “Open House” encourages the use of new and social media tools that expand the communications function within the housing world. For instance, since NHC’s blog launch, we have also experimented with an array of networking options via the internet including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, among others, thanks to our outstanding communications team.

To be honest, I knew very little about the blogosphere before accepting this position at NHC. After navigating through a maze of html coding and receiving friendly coaching from my fellow NHC bloggers, I soon realized that I was hooked. NHC’s “Open House” Blog showed me the potential social media tools have by its ability to translate complex issues, such as the foreclosure crisis, into a tangible product for all to understand.

While I typically spend my time searching for guest bloggers to contribute to “Open House,” today the tables have turned. Upon the eve of my departure from NHC, it is my privilege to write a blog entry and bid adieu to my friends and colleagues who I have been so fortunate to work alongside in this effort.

Although I am saying farewell to NHC for now, I know that my work with this organization will continue through a shared goal in securing adequate, decent housing for all. Words cannot accurately express the gratitude I have developed for this organization and its talented staff.

Thank you, NHC, for your past accomplishments and for the years of future work that you will undoubtedly produce.

For the past year, Megan Richardson has served as NHC policy associate and blogger extraordinaire. Her last day with NHC will be today. Megan is moving to Capitol Hill where she will continue working on housing issues.

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