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Around the Block, Bi – Coastal Edition

West Coast Rallies Thousands came together on Friday 13th in LA to show their support for a slate of planned public transportation projects that would create a wealth of much- needed jobs in the region. 30/10 Plan, a visionary and revolutionary plan in the fight to promote sustainability and livability, would spur economic growth and protect the environment, create 166,000 jobs, ease congestion, and reduce air pollution and dependency on oil.

Homeowners Swimming to the Surface
According to data released yesterday by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, households continue to reduce their debt levels into the start of the summer. The bank reported that by the end of June, “households steadily reduced aggregate consumer indebtedness” for seven straight quarters.

Housing Policy Recap Tuesday, the Administration held a meeting on housing policy reform. The government’s role in housing finance and the future of GSEs were the overarching questions of the conference and whose answers have yet to be answered. Check back later today for a detailed summary of the conference from featured blogger, NHC policy associate, Clare Duncan.

Image: Outline of Mayor’s 30/10 Plan, via 

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