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Around The Block, It Takes Two Edition

At a Glance The WSJ says low mortgage rates aren’t enough to make most buyers tango.

Feds’ Favorite Mistake? Former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker, a proponent for stricter bank regulation, calls the GSE’s an “unfortunate invention” in a recent interview with

$84 Billion Question On the heels of financial reform, Jonathon Weil asks why no official investigation has been launched into the meltdown of Fannie and Freddie in 2008.

Equal Opportunity Foreclosure USA Today reports on how even once credit-worthy homeowners have fallen victim to foreclosure. Specifically, foreclosures of “jumbo loans” over $700K have increased nearly 600%.

PACE-Gate, cont: Rebel With a Green Cause Sonoma, CA is the first county in the nation to push back against the federal agency who is trying to stop the PACE green energy home loan initiative.

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