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Around The Block, “On Two Wheels” Edition

Battle of the Greens, cont. The Federal Housing Finance Agency continues to back up Fannie and Freddie (who it regulates) in their tussle with the PACE green housing program. The Agency says PACE’s energy-efficiency financing “presents an unsafe and unsound situation for [Fannie and Freddie, who need] to take action to protect themselves.”

Off the Grid Fannie and Freddie have officially delisted from the New York Stock Exchange, and switched to the Over-the Counter market (OTC). Also, Bloomberg scans the debate on mortgage finance reform, including a quote from Barry Zigas, a member of NHC’s Board of Governors: “Everybody’s telling them, ‘Don’t do anything stupid. It’s easy to forget that this system worked awfully well for 75 years.”

Walking the Walk It appears walkability has moved to the top of the list for homebuyers, right next to the closet and kitchen. In fact, realtors are starting to promote sustainability and accessibility by showing houses to clients on bikes.

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