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NHC will be bidding farewell to one of our own.

Tim O’Keefe, who has been the mastermind behind the fresh, new content adopted by NHC’s “Open House” blog, will be leaving NHC and moving to Chicago. Tim will be working at Dig Communications, a small firm that works with a lot of sustainability clients, including some leading green energy start-ups.

Due in no small part to Tim’s quick-wit, intelligence and enviable writing talent, “Open House” has made a change for the better. From more diverse and thoughtful content, to an increasingly engaged readership, his contributions to the blog and NHC will have a lasting impact.

Today is his last day, so please join us in thanking Tim!

Katy Gorman will become NHC’s new communications and digital media associate starting on Monday and, with her help, we will continue to move the affordable housing discussion forward on “Open House”, building on Tim’s hard work.

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