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CPDC Seeks to Revitalize Communities by Connecting Housing to a Wider Range of Amenities and Services

“Open House” recently highlighted several of the green rehabilitation upgrades at Wheeler Terrace, a 116-unit residential development in Southeast Washington, DC. NHC Member Partner the Community Preservation and Development Corporation (CPDC) acquired the property in 2007 and since that time has been focused on providing safe and green affordable housing for residents through a series of improvements.

In addition to this, CPDC’s larger redevelopment goal centers on revitalizing the community as a whole by connecting housing to a wider range of amenities and services, such as job and literacy training. NHC’s Conrad Egan, who serves on CPDC’s Board of Directors, discusses these programs in the video below.

Wheeler Terrace: Conrad Egan on CPDC’s Efforts to Provide Amenities and Services for Residents

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