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Ford Foundation Announces $200 Million Investment to Help Better Connect Cities and Suburbs

This week the Ford Foundation announced plans to spend a total of $200 million over the next five years to help better connect cities and suburbs in order to create cohesive metropolitan areas. The investment focuses on supporting efforts to expand affordable housing, build and enhance public transportation systems, and extend the use of regional land banks to address the problems of abandoned urban neighborhoods. Ford will also direct any money it grants for urban revitalization toward building integrated urban-suburban regions.

The initiative was announced by Ford Foundation President Luis A. Ubiñas to some 300 local, state, and federal leaders gathered to discuss the revitalization of American communities that once relied almost solely on the auto industry for jobs and growth.

The goal is to expand opportunity among all people in any given metro region—from many different communities and income levels—by ensuring that metropolitan communities plan together and collaborate on such common challenges as affordable housing, infrastructure investments, education and job creation.

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