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HOPE SF Cited as Local Example of HOPE VI-Modeled Initiative

While federally-funded HOPE VI initiatives have impacted neighborhoods across the country, some local governments are also taking it upon themselves to create similar programs modeled on the premise of HOPE VI to address the needs of their communities. For example, San Francisco has a program called HOPE SF, which is a locally-funded partnership between the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing and the San Francisco Housing Authority. Much like HOPE VI, it was developed to address the poor conditions of San Francisco’s most distressed public housing.

One recent HOPE SF project is the redevelopment effort at the Potrero Annex and Terrace sites. Last year, NHC Member Partner BRIDGE Housing Corporation and its Bridge Urban Infill Land Development initiative were selected to lead the revitalization effort at these sites, which will include the replacement of all 606 existing apartments, as well as the creation of additional affordable and market-rate homes, neighborhood services, open space and retail opportunities.

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