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Housing Matrix: Providing Housing Under One Virtual Roof

With housing becoming an increasingly nationally recognized issue of importance, the amount of information on the topic from a diverse variety of outlets can be overwhelming. If you find yourself drowning in the sea of news, opinions and insights on housing, Housing Matrix may just be the solution. Housing Matrix acts as a clearinghouse for information, products and services that impact the housing industry.

The site boasts an impressive amount of resources for housing professionals – all under one roof and free of charge. In addition to providing commentaries from notable housing professionals and tips, tools and tricks for those serious about sales and marketing in relation to housing, the site also serves as an aggregator by providing an RSS feed for nearly every webpage. A weekly radio webinar is hosted by mortgage veteran, David Lykken, every Monday on such timely topics as “Conventional vs. FHA Mortgages” and “The Changing Face of Real Estate.” Housing Matrix also links to pertinent news coming from housing organizations and associations nationwide, as well as numerous federal agencies.

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