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“Livability” Lift-Off: What Does it Mean to You?

Regular readers have probably noticed our focus on sustainability, transit, smart growth, and urban revival recently. NHC and the Center are working to get local, state and national lawmakers ahead of the curve on what appears to be an emerging shift in housing demand, where more and more folks are moving back into the dense, inner-areas in America’s metro regions, and away from the sprawling suburbs.

Today, we are officially launching an extended, Open House discussion of “Livability” to look at the topic and its many angles. Coming on the heels of the innovative, landmark livability legislation that’s making its way through the Senate, we’ll be discussing ways to make communities more affordable, greener, more walkable, and overall, better-suited to meet the needs of their residents in a sustainable way. There will be guest posts from experts in sustainability, regular input from the research team at the Center for Housing Policy, and in depth discussions of specific, timely issues in the world of livability.

We’ll also be making an effort to feature comments and thoughts from readers. So to kick things off, why don’t use the comments section below to let us know what you livability means to you?

Is it more metro stations? Affordable housing? Clean water? Better schools? Play space for the kids? A Chipotle on every corner? We’re dying to hear.

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