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Live at the Forum: Linking Housing, Transportation and Workforce Policies

Housing Solutions Week 2010 concludes today with a “Live at the Forum” event featuring findings from two new policy briefs from the Center for Housing Policy and the Metropolitan Planning Council. The papers address the coordination of transportation, housing, and land-use policy, and include on-the-ground examples from Atlanta and the Twin Cities.

This two-part event begins with a conference call at 1 p.m. Eastern/10 p.m. Pacific. Featured presenters include Emily Salomon, Center for Housing Policy, and Robin Snyderman, Metropolitan Planning Council. Additional speakers include Susan Adams, Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership, Inc., and Caren Dewar, Urban Land Institute Minnesota, who will link their first-hand experiences in Atlanta and the Twin Cities to the themes outlined in the new policy briefs. The call-in number for this event is (712) 432-1001 and the access code is 452746624#.

After the call, you can go to the Forum to interact with the speakers and get answers to your questions in real time.

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About the Reports
How Transportation Reform Could Increase the Availability of Housing Affordable to Families with a Mix of Incomes Near Public Transit, Job Centers, and Other Essential Destinations, explains how reauthorization of the federal transportation bill can incent the improved coordination of transportation, housing and land use policy to ensure that families across a range of incomes have access to affordable housing as well as efficient, accessible transportation options.

Regional Coordination in Atlanta Metro and in the Twin Cities: Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities of Coordinating Housing, Transportation and Workforce Policies,
draws from the discussions held during the listening sessions and the information shared about the experience of coordinating land-use, transportation, and workforce policy in the Atlanta and the Twin Cities regions.

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