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New Enterprise Web Page Highlights Ways to Include Green Rehabilitation Standards as Part of a Neighborhood Stabilization Program

Efforts to revitalize communities using Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) funds are giving many areas across the country an opportunity to create greener homes as part of the rehabilitation process. Ultimately, these initiatives can reduce a property’s environmental impact, improve health in residents and contribute to lower utility bills.

NHC Housing Leadership Support Program Partner Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. has launched a new Green Communities NSP Web page, in partnership with Building Green, LLC, on to help neighborhoods across the nation implement these strategies.

The new Web page is intended to build off of the existing Web site’s resources with additional guidance on ways to incorporate green rehabilitation standards as part of an NSP plan. Specifically, the new information includes case studies focused on the use of green rehab standards in public programming throughout the U.S. It also features a blog discussing techniques, challenges and best practices.

Visit the Green Communities NSP Web page

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