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Administration Releases Housing Finance Reform Proposals

“It’s really a road map to government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) reform rather than a blueprint. It includes a mix of ideological red meat for conservatives and practical suggestions and concessions to moderates and liberals. There are different paths you can take. I expect the strategy is to move forward incrementally with Congress as opposed to acting unilaterally, which the administration has enormous power to do.” -David M. Dworkin

Did Treasury’s GSE report move the needle?

“I think of this as a roadmap and not a blueprint, because there are a lot of paths they can take, but they pretty clearly signal the ones they like and the ones they’re giving lip service to. I expect them to move forward incrementally on the administrative reforms, so that Congress has time to make adjustments in the statute.” -David M. Dworkin

Opinion: Democrats need to debate growing housing crisis

“While Beto O’Rourke and Gov. John Hickenlooper briefly raised the issue as an aside, none of the moderators asked about housing affordability and no one debated solutions to this growing crisis that is impacting both urban areas — including Detroit — as well as rural areas throughout the country.” – David M. Dworkin

First-time homebuyers are really struggling: National Housing Conference CEO

“When you look at new household formation and just normal obsolescence, we’re building a quarter of a million units less than we need just to break even every year. If you look at historic rates of homebuilding, it’s half a million a year, so that’s enormous amount of pressure that ends up getting put on rental markets.”- David M. Dworkin

Bill Seeks to Create ‘Neighborhood Homes’ Tax Credit

[Buzz] Roberts notes that the proposal has earned support from a variety of organizations, including Enterprise Community Partners, Habitat for Humanity, Local Initiatives Support Corp., Mortgage Bankers Association, National Association of Realtors, National Council of State Housing Agencies, National Housing Conference, and National NeighborWorks Association.

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