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NHC and the Center for Housing Policy Announce Web 2.0 Suite Using Interactive Social Media Release

NHC and its research affiliate, the Center for Housing Policy, officially announced their Web 2.0 suite today via an interactive Social Media Release as part of an overall goal of encouraging affordable housing supporters to join them in connecting, sharing and exchanging ideas online. Specifically, NHC and the Center have worked to develop a host of new and social media tools that includes the NHC “Open House” Blog, the Center’s Online Discussion Forum, as well as a strong and growing presence on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Flickr.

In addition to “Open House,” the Online Discussion Forum has been integral in generating and sharing ideas among policymakers, practitioners and advocates, in particular, through its “Live at the Forum” series, which has focused on a number of timely issues such as stabilizing communities affected by concentrated foreclosures. To learn more about the Forum, check out the video below featuring the Center’s Rebecca Cohen.

To help encourage use of new and social media tools by affordable housing advocates, NHC and the Center hosted a communications workshop and session on integrating Web 2.0 with traditional media strategies as part of the “Solutions for Working Families: 2009 Learning Conference on State and Local Housing Policy” held this summer.

Visit the full NHC and Center Web 2.0 Suite today!

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