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NHC Regional Affiliate NYHC Launches New Web Site Focused on “All Things Housing”

Yesterday, the New York Housing Conference (NYHC), a regional affiliate of NHC, launched its new online home,

NYHC is a broad-based coalition that advocates for decent, affordable housing for all New Yorkers. It promotes strong housing policies, adequate funding, practical regulations, and increased public awareness of the need for and benefits of affordable housing.

The new site is intended to help NYHC accomplish these goals by serving as a one-stop-shop for up-to-date news and information focused on “all things housing” for all of New York, and beyond. From the home page, visitors can easily navigate to news alerts, a full library of informational resources, a newsroom, and a “how-to” guide to effective advocacy. Additionally, “Join Us,” and “Get Involved” are also key themes, with simple online forms for those who would like to apply to NYHC’s new Young Leadership Council, or make a contribution – essential support for NYHC’s housing policies and programs in New York City, Albany, NY, and Washington, DC.

Regarding the development of the new site, NYHC CEO Judith A. Calogero said, “At a time when the development of affordable housing is a top national priority for economic recovery, we are offering a powerful, robust information resource for all things related to housing. The Internet home of NYHC will be a broad based knowledge source. It is designed for those seeking a springboard to grassroots advocacy, or for the expert professional who requires the latest information on housing policy and regulations. The information will be just a click away.”

To learn more about the launch of the new Web site, please read the full Press Release.

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