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SHF Annual Benefit Recognizes “Fabulous Frogs” and “Green Tomatoes” – Tees Up NHC Annual Gala

At their annual “Easy to Be Green” annual benefit on May 25 Settlement Housing Fund (SHF) honored NHC immediate past president and CEO Conrad Egan for his leadership in environmental sustainability in housing. SHF exists to create and maintain economically and ethnically diverse affordable housing, with community programs and neighborhood amenities, throughout New York City. With award categories like “Climate Changers,” “Fabulous Frogs” and “Green Tomatoes,” the SHF benefit was as much fun as it was serious in recognizing “green” leaders in affordable and supportive housing.

Carol Lamberg, SHF executive director, is a member of NHC’s executive committee and also serves as co-chair of the New York Housing Conference, NHC’s regional affiliate. NHC President and CEO Maureen Friar attended the event to help in recognizing her predecessor, Conrad Egan, for his contributions.

As the SHF awards made clear, the only way to tackle the challenges our communities face – including global warming and environmental health – is by aligning the interests and efforts of everyone working to provide safe and suitable homes.

Bringing the housing community together is also the focus of the NHC Annual “Housing Person of the Year” Gala honoring the Federal Home Loan Banks’ Affordable Housing Program on June 9. Specifically, the gala theme, Housing’s New Era , centers on NHC being at the core of the action, beyond the current housing and financial crisis, in the fight for affordable housing.

Support of the Gala ensures that NHC will be there to maximize its abilities to meet the nation’s housing needs through close collaboration with the entire industry.

Support Our Work by Joining Us for the Annual NHC Gala on June 9!

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