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The Center for Housing Policy Gets a New Audience: High Schoolers

We pursue affordable housing advocacy and research with a passion at NHC and the Center for Housing Policy. So, when approached by Sarah Cotcamp and Brian Mokoro, two teachers from Cesar Chavez School for Policy in Washington, DC, to kick off an affordable housing advocacy project, we jumped at the chance to pass some knowledge on to the future generation.

On Monday, seventeen Cesar Chavez sophomores attended an “orientation” at NHC and the Center’s headquarters. The tutorial, led by the Center’s Ryan Sherriff, Keith Wardrip, and Laura Williams, discussed the basics of affordable housing. Topics included what “affordable housing” means in different parts of the country; how housing impacts other aspects of life including health and education; community considerations when providing affordable housing; financing tools; and the affordability of rental and homeownership opportunities in DC and other housing markets.

Want your own affordable housing tutorial? Chances are can answer your questions!

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