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WHEDA shows progress with ‘Transform Milwaukee’ video

Two years ago, NHC member Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Corporation (WHEDA), with support from Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, announced the beginning of Transform Milwaukee, a public-private partnership initiative focused on restoring economic prosperity to the Milwaukee metropolitan area through the city’s industrial, residential and transportation areas. Now, to show the progress of the initiative WHEDA has released a video to highlight its successes.

The seven-minute video captures the progress Milwaukee has made in economic development, transportation and neighborhood stabilization. Through clean water technology sponsored by the Global Water Center, a city-wide jobs program, transportation and development, and other methods, Milwaukee, with backing from WHEDA will increase state revenue.  With this comes neighborhood stabilization and increased employment.
“Our approach simply is to leverage both the infrastructure investment that state, city, county made with the labor force, and to use it to attract, retain and grow companies,” WHEDA Executive Director Wyman Wilson says in the video.
Eloise Anderson, secretary of the Department of Child and Family Services, said that the goal of Transform Milwaukee is to return industry to what it used to be. “What I remember is a great place to live,” Anderson said. She is involved in the initiative’s efforts to improve economic development through housing and neighborhood stabilization.
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